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3 good reasons to take a family holiday

There are so many good reasons to take time off as a family that’s it hard to pick the top 3 – but we’ve tried! Here’s why we think everyone should experience the joy of going on family holidays.

1.You create family memories

For many of us, family holidays in our childhood embody some of our happiest memories. Memories about the other kids you made best friends with (even if only for the duration of the holiday!), smells from the exotic food you tried for the first time or the thrill of wandering through a market with you parents, listening to all these new sounds and voices.Two weeks of holiday for your parents wasn’t two weeks for you. It was two years. At least. It felt like you had an eternal stretch of time and the world lay open for your feet.

The memories you create together on a holiday will stick with you long after you got back, maybe even forever.

2.You expand your perspective

Kids have so much to learn from the world around them – well, so do we – but there’s something special about seeing your kids discover the world. Experiencing a foreign language (they will be fluent before you know it), tasting different foods (they will forever remember that first awkward mouthful of something new) and experiencing surroundings that are different from what they know (they will feel at home sooner than you think). It expands their and our horizons, give us something to talk about, and can help us become more accepting of different perspectives. 

3. You share the experience

It is not often that families can have time to just be with each other. It’s not always pure bliss, siblings can be rivalling and go through periods with no patience, but you will find your rhythm. Wether it is building sandcastles for days, hiking in the rain forest or finding your way through a new city, you form bonds through these shared experiences and learn that you can go through ups and downs together. Learning how to share time, toys and space and appreciating that you have each other are just some of the benefits of taking off as a family.


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